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100g Mountain
100g Mountain
English Name 100g Mountain
Aliases Home of Bambina
Location Area 7
Affiliations Eight Kings
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100g Mountain (百力山, Hyakurikizan lit. Hundred Force Mountain) Is one of the Largest Mountains said to be located within Area 7 of the Gourmet World and is said to be the home of the current member of the Eight Kings, Bambina.


It is shown that the layout of the mountain is shown to be more desert-like due to the heavy gravity that the mountain itself produces, at times there are shown to be even skeletons of beasts that weren't able to survive. It is shown that the higher something climbs, the heavier the gravity is as it makes it more and more heavy than even the heaviest place in the Human World, Heavy Hole. It is revealed that the epicenter of the unique Gravity is the home of Bambina, which was built around the special pull that the area showed to have. Due to the unique feature and the fact Bambina keeps the body of his mate there, Bambina purposly piled an entire mountain of food on top of the house in hopes his former mate does not go hungry. However, due to the gravity pulling in airborne beasts and other objects into it, the mass grew in size, eventually creating the 100g Mountain naturally.



  • Bambina's piling of food on top of his mate's casket refers to how Egyptians buried their dead with food and their belongings.
  • The gravity pull comes from the land itself, not Bambina's actual house.

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