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8th Biotope
8 biotope anime
Japanese Name 第8ビオトープ
Romanized Name Dai 8 biotōpu
English Name 8th Biotope
Aliases Biotope Garden No. 8
Affiliations IGO
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The 8th Biotope is one of the multiple Biotopes created by the International Gourmet Organization for research on ingredients and cultivation. It has previously been the victim of numerous attacks from powerful figures such as the Bishokukai.

Geography Edit

Garden Edit

The 8th Biotope is a large mountainous region with very little vegetation aside from grass, trees, and the common plant ingredients that grow there. Other than that, the terrain is covered in rocks, crags, and rough stone. There is also a large rocky valley home to the Troll Kongs. They gather in groups close to one another and attack any prey that approaches the Rainbow Fruit, a massive plant ingredient that grows deep within their territory. Deep within the mountains of the Biotope are caverns, one of which is home to the the Bajur Cock.

Surrounding Edit

The whole area is surrounded by a thick wall of concrete, keeping dangerous beasts contained and keeping unwanted intruders from entering. The only access point is a large stone gate at the front of the biotope, however it is forbidden to be opened if a beast of Capture Level 5 or higher is within 5 kilometers from the gate. There's also a large deep moat on the other side of the gate to make sure beasts do not get close to it.

8th Research Institute Edit

The IGO Development Agency's 8th Research Institute is located somewhere within or near the wall. It watches over the biotope from the guards positioned at the watchtowers. It is here that the research on the creatures and plants within the biotope are made. The buildings of the institute are marked in alphabetical order, however only building C is seen and its 9th floor (in the 2nd record data room) is a stuffed Troll Kong.

8th Biotope Staff Edit

Guards are positioned inside the institute and carry rifles. The only members seen of the 8th Biotope's staff are the guards, all of which wear brown uniforms with black undershirts and dark green caps with a gold emblem that says "IGO". Two guards are positioned at the front of the gate while others are positioned in the Research Institute or the watchtower.

Beasts and Ingredients Edit

Beasts Edit

  • Zombie Taipans (CLVL 1)
  • Troll Kong (CLVL 9)
  • Silverback (CLVL 10)
  • Bajur Cock (CLVL 74)

Ingredients Edit

  • Bacon Leaf (CLVL 2)
  • Banana Cucumber (CLVL Less Than 1)
  • Rainbow Fruit (CLVL 12)

Trivia Edit