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Appetite Devils

Variations of Appetite Devils

Appetite Devils (食欲の悪魔, Shokuyoku no Akuma) are said to be the persona and intellect of trained Gourmet Cells that appear in physical view when one bearer uses their Intimidation to project them. It has been shown that in people who are said to have been born with Gourmet Cells, that a second Appetite Devil may be hidden away inside the Gourmet Cell Bearer, affecting some other physical aspect of the body. It is said that there are rare cases when an individual shows to have an Appetite Devil. Many Appetite Devils are Food Spirits that travel around from host to host, attempting to regain their physical body by any means and can often go out into the living world via the Food Spirit Doors. It is revealed that Appetite Devils were first created by Gourmet Cells to act as stress to a planet whenever they would invade to aid in making it's flavor better, making them alien in origin.


Appetite Devil Control

Control of Appetite Devil

For every Appetite Devil, their own unique characteristics often depend on what kind of ability or what specialty that the cell bearer uses, in some cases, they can forms of demonic beings or even that of mythological appearances as well depending on the individual's Gourmet Cells. It has been shown that their physical forms can become different at times when they use a technique that actually connects directly to the Gourmet Cells, resulting in the Appetite Devils taking on the characteristics of the attacks properties. The more developed and powerful the user is, the more monstrous the Appetite Devil can turn into, often resulting in an entirely new devil form.

When one gains gradual control of their own Appetite Devil, they are able to manifest a body part and control it whenever they wish. The more control they have, the more their body is able to take on the appearance of their appetite devils. 

Behavior and IntelligenceEdit

When first manifesting, Appetite Devils appear to be nothing more than an aura of energy projected by the user's cells that simply appear to be extensions of themselves, but as the user advances their cells their Appetite Devils become more sentient and intelligent to the point where they can even mentally converse with their host in their language and even have control over the power of their host's cells. Since Appetite Devils are the embodiment of Gourmet Cells themselves, it has been shown that they have indescribable appetites that can manifest themselves at times if one does not have control of themselves, making the Appetite Devils powerful when they need to be. In the presence of incredibly tasty food, the Appetite Devils can react by actually manifesting themselves physically through the cell bearer, resulting in their mental sanity being strained to it's near limit until another outside force or unconsciousness causes the cells to quiet down. It has been revealed that the only way an Appetite Devil can be subdued and controlled is if someone eats Acacia's Full Course, making the Appetite Devils permanently merge with the bearer, resulting in full control of their cells.

Over time when one masters their Devil, it grows in terms of intellect and sentience, allowing them to communicate with their host and even barter with them if the need arises. Due to their greedy behavior, Appetite Devils aren't too keen on sharing their host body, meaning that there often can only ever exist one within a person's Gourmet Cells. However, if a host body is incredibly strong, there can exist two devils that can live together within the host at once. 


When Gourmet Cells first came to be, they would find a planet that they deemed worthy, they would integrate themselves with it and sprout out both the Nitro and Appetite Devils. Though unlike the Nitro, Appetite Devils were only considered to be Livestock that aided in applying stress to a planet to aid in it's preparation process.

Under the care taking of the Nitro, they would be released and brutally attack the species of the planet, applying fear, destruction, and all negative aspects of chaos to ensure that the flavor of the planet would increase more. Once enough was applied, the Nitro would round up all the Appetite Devils and leave the planet to find the next one to consume.

Many died and soon became Food Spirits, waiting for a chance to find a host that would make their revival possible by consuming specific ingredients that could revive their body parts.


For some Devil's, one of their main focuses is to revive themselves in order to consume the world itself and destroy everything in their paths, while others seek to live among those like themselves. When a host eats one of the ingredients on Acacia's Full Course, they're able to revive one single part of their appetite devil's, giving them control over their powers and abilities, but also allowing them to interact with the physical world.

Each ingredient revives a specific part of the devil's body, but must be eaten in a specific order in order for the transformation to take hold fully:

  • AIR - revives Left Arm
  • PAIR - revives Right Arm
  • ANOTHER - revives Tongue
  • NEWS - revives Left Leg
  • EARTH - revives Right Leg
  • ATOM - revives the Torso
  • GOD - revives the Brain
  • CENTER - revives the Heart

Once a host has eaten GOD, their Appetite Devils gain a physical form and appear right outside their hosts with their full power and abilities restored. After the host has eaten CENTER, there is two possible outcomes that may happen: The first is that the Appetite Devil may devour their former host, taking their body and fully resurrecting themselves where now they are free in the physical world. The other is that the Host manages to consume their Appetite Devil, or said devil willingly lets itself be eaten, giving the Host full control over it and their powerful abilities.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

When used for Intimidation, it has been shown that the Appetite Devils can actually be used to replicate the actions of the cell bearer, making them much more powerful than an average intimidation, and twice as ferocious as well. When it is matched by another force, it is shown that the result causes the power flux around both bearers, resulting in a powerful vibration that can shake the entire area, and in very rare cases an Emperor's Ring can be produced from the full force of both Devils.

In rare cases when one has evolved their cells to a certain point, it is seen that Appetite Devils can actually allow the bearers to take into a small part of their power, resulting in a new ability for the user to have and use, but with risks of being swallowed up by the immense appetite it produces.

Lastly, it has been shown that the Appetite Devils, when driven mad with appetite and cannot draw in anymore energy from the cell bearer, can actually physically manifest itself into the user's body by changing the appearance of any part of the body, and manipulating it to attack the opponent as it shows to appear as if the Appetite Devil is actually attacking itself. However, it has been shown to be extremely dangerous due to the fact that if someone gives in to the Appetite Devil, the cells go berserk and the devil takes over the cell bearer's body, going into a frenzy and devouring anything and everyone in it's way.


  • Use of an Appetite Devil is free-use and can be made, though one must have Gourmet Cells in order to produce or host one.
    • It has been revealed in chapter 362 that three appetite devils can inhabit one body, each one adding one specific trait to it. Due to this, we are limiting the use of Appetite Devils inside one host to three, not only that but only one devil's power can be used at a time. 
  • This article was rewritten by User:Phantombeast.
  • As of Chapter 357, Appetite Devils have now been categorized as Aliens. 

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