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Arckuma Naan Sliders



Ākkama Nan Suraidā


Arckuma Naan Sliders

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Arckuma Naan Sliders (アーッカマナンスライダー, Ākkama Nan Suraidā) is an Hors d'Ouevre. These small sandwiches are a juicy, crunchy, salty-sweet, meaty beginning to a meal.


Arckuma Naan Sliders sit on fluffy, golden Canolnaan. Held in the golden bread is a grilled sirloin of Arckuma Wyvern, cooked to medium rare, under grilled Bacon Leaf and a slaw made up of Enamel Cabbage, Onion Banana, Sweet Tomato, Black Grass and Squidoniasquid.

The Black Grass and Enamel Cabbage provide a wonderful crunchiness to the sliders, while the Sweet Tomato and Onion Banana give a touch of sweetness and the Squidoniasquid adds the light tartness of Mustard Mayo. The salty tenderness of the Bacon Leaf complements the rich meatiness of the Arckuma Wyvern.


Arckuma Naan Sliders are made with:

The dish begins with the preparation of the Enamel Cabbage, Onion Banana, Sweet Tomato, Black Grass and Squidoniasquid. The Enamel Cabbage is cut into 0.8 mm strips and then placed into a bowl. Next the Onion Banana is cut into paper-thin slices and added to the same bowl. The Sweet Tomato is then diced, left to lightly drain some of the excess juices and then added to the bowl with the Enamel Cabbage and Onion Banana. Next the Black Grass is also diced and placed in the bowl. Finally, Squidoniasquid of the Mustard Mayo variety is pureed into a paste and mixed with the vegetables to create a slaw.

Next in the preparation is the Arckuma Wyvern and Bacon Leaf. The Arckuma Wyvern sirloin meat, which should have been detoxified ahead of time, is cut to appropriate slider size and grilled to a Medium Rare, with a warm red center with a lightly firm texture and then allowed to rest. Two strips of Bacon Leaf, of appropriate size, are to be grilled alongside the Arckuma Wyvern sirloins.

Finally, the Canolnaan is to be fried to a fluffy, golden state and drained of any excess oil. Once this is complete, the sliders are to be constructed.

Two pieces of Canolnaan to act as the buns, an Arckuma Wyvern sirloin is then placed on the bottom Canolnaan. Next the two slices of grilled Bacon Leaf are placed on the Arckuma Wyvern sirloin, followed by the slaw. Finally the second piece of Canolnaan is placed on top. One to two of these sliders are to be served, per person as an appetizer. If so desired, more sliders can be served to act as a larger meal.


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