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Area 7
Area 7
Japanese Name エリア・セブン
Romanized Name Eria Sebun
English Name Area 7
Aliases Monkey Restaurant(猿旗亭, Sarukitei)
Location Gourmet World
Affiliations Eight Kings
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Area 7(エリア・セブン, Eria Sebun) Is one of the eight major continents that located in the Gourmet World, and is said have the biggest environment in the entire Gourmet World. Apart from Area 4, which is said to be the biggest continent and even cover half the Earth, Area 7 is shown to have abnormally giant beasts and vegetation that it even dwarfs the children of the Eight Kings. It is known as the Mountain Continent.


It has been shown that most living things and objects that grow in Area 7 are shown to be nearly triple the size of the ordinary, making them almost giant-sized to where it can dwarf even children of the Eight Kings. It is shown that in the this area, Bambina has a structure of ranks that begin with him and ends with the most common primates attempting to move up by fighting one another. There are four regions of the Continent, each ruled by one of Four masters that are powerful in their own right, and who enforce the rules of Bambina as they see fit.  


Not much is known about Area 7 other than the fact that in the ancient days, it was considered a place of safety and peace, where the slaves of the Nitro, including the Red Nitro themselves, lived together in peace and harmony along side one another. However, due to some misunderstanding and an incident involving the many primates that live on the area, the peace did not last and the once proud civilization fell to ruins. 

After the incident, Bambina put four of the strongest who were considered Masters among the other primates in charge of the four regions of the entire Area, leaving them in charge of enforcing his rules and their own way of control over the other beasts. 

It is said that once a year, the entire continent of monkey's gather at the top of 100g Mountains to bare witness to the most well-known spectical in the entrie area: The Monkey Festival also known as the Monfest

Known Ingredients and LocationsEdit




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