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Ashen Blaze Island
Japanese Name アシェン炎島
Romanized Name Ashenen Shima
English Name Ashen Blaze Island
Location Human World
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Ashen Blaze Island (アシェン炎島 Ashenen Shima) is an island in area around Northern Wul Continent and the Wak Continent. Its area of roughly 6,500,000 square kilometers is inhabited by various dangerous and delicious species, many of which can seem alien even in comparison with some of the Gourmet World's strangest species.


Ashen Blaze Island's surface is almost completely covered in ashes and volcanic materials, as it is dotted with over 600 active volcanoes. And the three greatest volcanoes are known as Three Volcanic Kings, enormous supervolcanoes that contain magma full of Gourmet Cells, located on three corners of the island.
At the center of the island, there is a massive underground labyrinth of caves and tunnels, known as Underhearth Labyrinth.


Some time in the past, Ashen Blaze Island was a part of a much larger landmass located in Gourmet World. Due to a powerful seismic disaster, a part of the landmass broke away and moved into the Human World. Somewhere in the Gourmet World, the original species exist, that are far more powerful than those living on the Ashen Blaze Island.



While there are Beasts on the island, that are relatively harmless or weak, their Capture Levels are elevated because of the very dangerous predators living on the island.

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  • Broadswordfish (CLVL 25)
  • Pike Pike (CLVL 13)

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