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Autumn Mountain
English Name Autumn Mountain
Location Human World
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Autumn Mountain is a truly impressive mountain range that is a mind-boggling 20,000 kilometers long. This incredible length makes it bigger than even the mighty Mors Mountain Range itself. Due to its size, even the prevailing westerlies are affected, so the season of fall lasts much longer than in more 'normal' locations around the world. Due to fall lasting longer, ingredients in the area go through an extended ripening process, allowing them to become much more delicious. The mountain range is home to a great assortment of beasts and ingredients (with a great deal of plant beasts present), with the beasts having no lower than Capture Levels of 30, meaning that at the beginning of winter, only the strongest can survive. 

The region is also home to the legendary Supear, an ingredient that grows every 38 years atop the highest mountain in the range.




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