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Black Dwarf
Black Dwarf

ブラック ドワーフ


Burakku Dowaafu









Black Dwarf(ブラック ドワーフ, Burakku Dowaafu) is the name of Sephtis's shield that he crafted during the years he spent in exile within the Bewitching Food World, made from Pulse Stone that he mined from the mainlands of it.


When first made, the shield showed to be one large circular construct, purely black and only able to cover It is completely white in color, being quite big in size, capable of covering Sephtis' entire arm. Its overall structure is that of a very simple shield, ending in an oval sharp way. It should be noted that the right side of the shield has a sheath in it for the Knight's sword. At the middle of the Shield, it possesses a red Rose Thorn symbol, with the various thorns crossed with each other below the rose.


During his time training in the rigorous Gourmet World, he began to hear the rumors about an incredibly rare mineral that was said to have been one of the strongest in the entire world. He felt as if that it would bring him closer to his goal and went to where the supposed place was at, not realizing that it was one of the most dangerous places in Area 8.

His first attempt nearly ended his life due to not having the strength yet to evade or even destroy the meteorites that fell down daily, making Sephtis realize that he had to improve himself before taking the challenge. Two years past while he trained, allowing him to evolve his cells to a point where he believed he'd be able to move fast enough to get there. Eventually he finally managed to find the location of where the mineral was, though couldn't harvest it through normal means. After using his Matter Manipulation, he took a large chunk and began working on tempering it into a shield shape, which took him almost three years to complete.


Kinetic Absorption - Is an ability that the shield has due to it being forged from the mineral of Pulse Stone, which Septhis mined personally and forged for an entire year. After using his matter manipulation to forge the shied in the black color spectrum, which is the strongest variation of the Pulse Stone since it can absorb more energy than any other color. Once he finished the shield, he coated it in a special meteorite residue that changed it's color to that of silver to better show his colors.


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