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Blur Valley
Japanese Name ブラー渓谷
Romanized Name Buraa Keikoku
English Name Blur Valley
Location Human World
Affiliations League of Gourmet Critics
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Blur Valley is a valley in the mid-western region of the Human World which is home to a small city under the same name. It is home to a variety of beasts and ingredients as well as a variety of people to hunt for them. The city is known to be the location to many famous buildings and families including the Bombermann Family Residence, The League of Gourmet Critics building, and the Do or Die Restaurant.

Geography Edit

The valley is surrounded by a long range of hill covered in a green flowing grass. Mainly coniferous trees grow it this region and inside the valley is a fairly flat terrain which can be seen for miles. There is a narrow but long river that flows through the valley as well as the town.

Places Edit

  • Bombermann Residence
  • League of Gourmet Critics
  • Do or Die Restaurant

History Edit

Events Edit

BlurExpo Edit

BlurExpo is a large event of which many Bishokuya and chefs from around the Human World gather to celebrate anything and everything associated with food. Often, they bring in celebrity hunters and chefs to sign autographs, perform combat and preparation demonstrations, or simply be there to ask questions. Over 900 food vendors can be found there and 500 shops can be found in the Vendor's Alley. There are occasionally rides and games for the children and they bring in live beasts to exhibit for enthusiasts to see.

Trivia Edit

  • The image used is a shot of Petalburg City from the Pokemon anime.

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