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Togemon b
Box Cactus



Hako no saboten


Box Cactus


Wandering Cactus



Capture Level



6 m


8 m


100 million for 1 ounce of Fruit




Sand Garden


Rapid Spine Growth



Box Cactus (箱のサボテン, Hako no saboten) is a Plant Ingredient native to the Sand Garden. The exact location of these cacti varies as they are a kind of "Wandering Cactus".


An species of cactus that grows to be 8 meters tall and always has four branches, the "arms" and "legs", with two red fruits that look like boxing gloves and an orange flower that grows on the very top of the cactus. Under the flower, on the main portion of the plant, is what looks like a face. These are actually just three holes that naturally form on the plant.


The Box Cactus seems to possess the ability to tell when it is in danger and will take measures to defend itself. The fruit that grows on the Box Cactus is incredibly dense and hard, as the plant uses them to defend itself by striking predators with them. As such, the fruit does not fall off to spread seeds, the seeds are produced by the flower that grows on top of the cactus and spread by falling out while the Box Cactus walks.

The other main defense of the Box Cactus, and a typical cactus defense in general, are the numerous spines that grow all over the plant. The Box Cactus, however, has developed the ability to rapidly regrow any spines that either fall out or are taken out by predators or are left in attackers while defending itself.

As FoodEdit

Like all cacti, the body of the Box Cactus contains massive amounts of water, making it a target of many of the Beasts that make the Sand Garden their home. The water contained within the Box Cactus is surprisingly cold and refreshing, though that's about it. It isn't sweet or have any real noticeable flavor, however in the environment of Sand Garden, that doesn't matter.

The fruit, however, is incredibly sweet and juicy. To pluck the fruit, they must be removed at the "wrist" and all the hardness that the fruit had while still attached just melts away and the fruit becomes soft and fleshy. Once the method for removing the fruit was known and spread, numerous Bishokuya went to Sand Garden to get the Box Cactus fruit. Because of this and the fact that it takes 50 years for a new fruit to grow back, the Box Cactus was almost wiped out because they were left bereft of their main defense mechanism and the Beasts of Sand Garden almost wiped them out.

The Box Cactus has been on the IGO's Endangered Species list for the last century and Saiseiya have kept a close eye on the populations and protecting them from poachers.


  • Appearance is that of Togemon from Digimon
  • There is a type of cactus that is referred to as a "Walking Cactus" or better known as "Creeping Devil"

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