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210px-MHRoC-Arzuros Art 001
Brisket Bear



Burisuketto Kuma


Brisket Bear


Mammal Beast

Capture Level

98 (Brisket Nandi)


16'4 ft
65'6ft (Brisket Nandi)


112ft (Brisket Nandi)


2720kg (Brisket Nandi)


960,000 yen per kg of Meat




Central Human World
Kaiju Nest (Brisket Nandi)


Super Thick Hide
Incredible Strength


Active (Nandi is Extremely Rare)

Brisket Bears are Capture Level 22 Mammal Beasts that patrol the Central Human World. Their incredibly thick hide makes for a delicious and juicy brisket.

Appearance Edit

These beasts are heavily regarded for their unusual turquoise colour and uncanny ursine body structure. They have ridged hairs aligned with their noses forming atop their head to make a small crown of fur. It runs from their cheeks, connecting to the back where it forms a trim along the sides of their backs. Their hides are extremely tough and spiny, almost carapace in nature. They have elongated red claws, each with a tough brace encasing and protecting the wrists and forearms. They have large bulky legs connected to much smaller feet and a short, wide tail. They have small red eyes, a yellow spotted pattern down their rumps, and each spike on their hides have a dull yellow tip.

Behaviour Edit

These beasts are omnivorous, eating mainly special honeys and fishes. When eating, they pay little to no attention to their surroundings. Depending on the size of their opposition, they will either fight or flee. To fight, they stand up on their hind legs, spread their arms bearing their claws, and roar to look the most intimidating. To flee, they will use their agility to escape in a huff.

Habitat Edit

These beasts make their homes in the Central Human World, occupying various areas of that section including the Takeout Jungle and the Kaiju Nest.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As Food Edit

The hide of the Brisket Bear is the most edible of the beast. However preparing it takes time and patience. It meat must be heavily tenderized before it can be prepared properly. It usually takes 5 to 10 hours before the hide is fully tender. Afterwords, it can be cooked normally.

Trivia Edit

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