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Calorie Seal
Calorie Seal
Kanji カロリーシール
Romanji Karorīshīru
English Name Calorie Seal
Related Techniques Food Honor (derived from)
Food Immersion (derived from)
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Calorie Seal (カロリーシール, Karorīshīru) is a technique that was created by Ana Luce sometime after she completed training in Food Honor and learned Food Immersion. The seal is formed by concentrating Appetite Energy and a portion of the nutrients from eating into a specific point over an extended period of time. Ana tends to collect this into a spot on her forehead which then takes on the appearance of a violet rhombus. This requires very precise control over one's Appetite Energy and the distribution of nutrients within the body.

Seal ReleaseEdit

Activating Calorie Seal

Unleashing Calorie Seal

When Ana unleashes the Seal, which takes some time and concentration, all of the stored Energy and nutrients are then released into the body for Ana to use, raising her powers up to 100 times her normal levels. With the flood of Appetite Energy and nutrients into her body, almost all of the injuries that Ana may have received before that are healed near instantaneously. Thanks to this, she can continue fighting for a longer period of time and also transforms Ana's Appetite Devil into its true form.

However, once all of the stored energy and nutrients are used up, Ana is rendered weak, emaciated and highly vulnerable, making this a last resort technique. It also takes up to 3 months before the mark reappears on her forehead, so she cannot use this technique more than once every 3 months. If she were to try and activate this technique before the 3 month charging period was up, her body would immediately begin Autophagy and causes her to collapse due to her body eating itself.

Calorie Seal Partial Unseal

Calorie Seal Partially Unsealed

Because Ana needs time and to concentrate when she goes to unseal her Calorie Seal, if she does not properly undo the seal it will only partially unseal and the released energy will only focus on healing her wounds instead of both healing and strengthening her body. While this is still usefull, it will still take 3 months before she can try to activate the Calorie Seal again.



  • Technique is based off of Tsunade's Strength of a Hundred Seal and Strength of a Hundred Technique from the Naruto series
  • The name, Calorie Seal, was suggested by Zaregoto

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