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Carat Spaghetti



Karatto no Supagetti


Carat Spaghetti


Golden Spaghetti


Pasta ingredient

Capture Level









371460 yen per Oz



First Appearance

Memoirs of a Bishokuya

Carat Spaghetti (カラットのスパゲッティ, Karatto no Supagetti) is a super-rare Human World ingredient that is believed to be the most delicious spaghetti in the world, so good that all of the components (from the noodles to meatballs) have luminescence (which is where it gets its name, a reference to gold). It was rediscovered after many years by the Bishokuya Marimo, and the way to touch it and even improve its taste was discovered by Kiria. It is currently the Main Dish on Marimo's Full Course.


As its name would suggest, Carat Spaghetti is quite radiant. Thankfully, this makes it easier to identify. Every part of it gives off a radiant glow, each its own specific color. For example, the noodles give off a gold glow, the sauce gives off a red glow, and the meatballs give off a dark red glow. If other ingredients are added to it there is a chance they, too, will begin to glow. The spaghetti is also usually hot and fresh permanently, giving off a heavenly smelling steam.

As FoodEdit

Carat Spaghetti is one of the, if not the most delicious spaghetti dishes in the entire world. As such, it is heavily prized and sought after. However, it isn't so easy as just picking it up and eating it....

Special PreparationEdit

Carat Spaghetti is astonishingly hard to pick up or eat, because of the specific set of conditions it requires. If the devourer refuses to meet these conditions, the spaghetti will become cold and hard almost instantly. In order to eat the spaghetti, you must show it true devotion, beyond simple grate fullness. You must devote 100% of your attention to it, how well it will taste, who will eat it, etc.. Also, the user must have a strong desire to pick it up or eat it. Depending on their level of devotion and desire, the spaghetti can either dull or even brighten (improving its taste). Because of this, users of Food Honor or those who can hear the Voice of the Ingredients find it easier than most to find and devour this dish. This devotion and desire must continue until the spaghetti is swallowed, because if said concentration is lost for over a moment, the spaghetti will cool and harden.

Amazingly, several individuals have earned the ingredient's "trust", in other words, they have shown such incredible devotion, desire, and gratefulness to the spaghetti that it will always glow for them. The most prominent individual to have earned this trust is Marimo, and, partially, Kiria.


  • It was originally called Golden Spaghetti, but since Zeon liked the sound of Carat Spaghetti better, Golden was regulated to being a nickname.
  • The full idea for this ingredient oddly came to the author during his 1st period Gym class.

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