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Chili Tamarind

Chili Tamarind



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2859 yen per lbs


Wul Volcano

Chili Tamarind are fruits that grow near the base of the Wul Volcano and said to be one of few multi-purpose ingredients in which all of it can be used in someway or form.


The Chili Tamarind tree is seen to be an usual tree as the wood from it is shown to be bright green while all of it's leaves is shown to be bright brown, a reversal of a standard tree. When it bares fruit, the fruit is shown to be a mixed shape of a cocunut and a Legume, often growing to sizes of both kinds depending on how close it is to the volcano.


Despite being an edible fruit, it has been shown that the entire fruit itself has multiple purposes that depend on what is used when it is picked. The skin of the fruit, when crushed into powder, can serve for medicinal purposes by some shamans. The wood from the tree of the Chili Tamarind is able to be used for different forms of construction, allowing for strong forms of furniture. It has also been seen to be able to remove tarnish from brass and copper when it is concentrated into a liquid form.

As FoodEdit

The entire fruit, despite it's appearance to be hard, can be very soft when bitten down by someone, allowing for the savory juices of the chili to gush out when one takes a bit of it. When cracked open, the inside produces a very hot chili sauce that is used by many different chains of restaurants as a condiment.