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Cirrus Island Range
Cirrus Island Range
Japanese Name シーラス島の範囲
Romanized Name Shiirasu tou no Hani
English Name Cirrus Island Range
Aliases Gardens of Hesperides
Location Human World's Norther Hemisphere
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The Cirrus Island Range is a group of floating islands in the Northern edge of the Human World. They are held in the sky by a special magnetic ore on the bottom of each island. They are home to Golden Yamatapple Trees and Ladorochi.

Geography Edit

The islands are held in the air but super magnetism. The ores in the ground are highly magnetic and are being held aloft by an ultra strong magnetic field in the area where the islands are located. The soil is still able to sustain various forms of life, types that can thrive in more extreme atmospheric conditions. The islands float in the cirrus cloud layer, which is roughly 46 feet (13 km) above the ground.

Known Ingredients Edit

Beasts Edit

  • Ladorochi (Dragon Beast/Capture Level 92)

Ingredients Edit

  • Golden Yamatapple (Fruit/Capture Level 93)

Trivia Edit

  • This location is based on the Garden of Hesperides from the Legend of Hercules. It is also loosely based on the Hallelujah Mountains from James Cameron's Avatar.

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