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Coffer Clam



Kichou Hin Bakoasari


Coffer Clam



Capture Level



9 ft


6 ft


175 kg


79,000 yen per Clam


Near or in any body of salt water


Flavor Infusion

Related Ingredient

Coffer Clam's Pearl

Coffer Clams are giant clams with the ability to absorb the flavor of any ingredient(s) put inside of it. They can also be used for long term storage and can brewing certain soups and stews including the Coffer Clam's Pearl.

Description Edit

Coffer Clams are often found either in or near large bodies of salt water. They are a dark shade of pink on the outside and a soft shade of pink on the inside. The outer shell of each clam show special markings, similar to those found on coffers. The mollusk found inside the shell spends its time absorbing the salt from the water, feeding on the nutrients from inside water where it resides.

As Food Edit

If the water is drained from the clam, the mollusk can be taken out and eaten making for an excellent storage compartment for ingredients, or if the mollusk is kept inside, it can be used for special brews. The mollusk absorbs whatever is inside what is being stored, and as a result, it gains some of that ingredient's flavor. People have made many delicious soups and other concoctions from these incredibly versatile clams including the alcoholic soup known as Coffer Clam's Pearl, with is made when combining Beer Waterfall beer and Caesar Peonies inside of it over heat.

Trivia Edit

  • The reason for making the page was strictly for the creation of the Coffer Clam's Pearl.

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