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Cotton Pig
Cotton Pig
Japanese コットン豚
Romanized Kotton buta
English Cotton Pig
Type Mammal
Capture Level 2
Length 4m
Height 1
Weight 16
Diet Herbivorous
Price 2,500 yen per lbs
Abilities Multiplication
Status Active

Cotton Pigs (コットン豚, Kotton buta) are small pink pigs that are made of a delicious type of cotton candy. Despite having wings, due to their size, they are unable to fly, and instead bounce around as their forms of travel.


Like most pigs, Cotton Pigs are fat. They are pink colored, and have small limbs. Their wings are small as well, but they are unable to use them due to their size. Cotton Pigs are shown with a halo above their heads, but it holds no special purpose other than being an aesthetic. As previously stated, Cotton Pigs are fat, but their fat, unlike most mammals are made of cotton candy.


Cotton Pigs are very docile creatures, generally minding their own business. They bounce around, sometimes wanting to start a "battle" against another person by both sides only bouncing at each other. When two Cotton Pigs engage in this act, it is rumored they do this nonstop for 3 months.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The only notable power of Cotton Pigs is that if a part is ripped off their body, the part ripped off becomes a baby Cotton Pig, and will go through its own life-cycle until it reaches adulthood. However, this ability is only found in adult Cotton Pigs. To stop this process from happening, the Cotton Pig has to be asleep when someone plucks from its "skin".

As FoodEdit

Cotton Pigs are a common carnival delicacy that sells out very quickly. Because they are better tasting than regular cotton candy, if someone was selling cotton candy it is highly recommended they have Cotton Pig Cotton Candy in stock, or they will make little to no profit.

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