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Baked Good

Capture Level



3,776.24 m


30615 yen per cupcake


Outskirts of Titan Forest



Cupcano(カプキャノー, Kapukyanō) is an incredible ingredient that is said to be one of the many Gourmet Landmarks of the Human World, and once a month it erupts to release the pressured cupcakes that come up, hot and ready to eat.


The Cupcano is said to be the one of the most delicious looking landmarks within the Human World, appealing to children and some females. Taking the appearance of a large volcano, it has been measured to be at the height of 3,776.24 m or 12,389 ft, making it one of the largest volcanos in the Human World if not, the largest. This volcano looks to be covered in dried icing, the color of said icing being white. When Cupcano is erupting, it will release a horde of decorative cupcakes, raining down in a colorful style. People have described it as "the heavens are gifting them with their delicious treats."

As FoodEdit

Despite the play on word, the actual ingredient doesn't come from the mountain itself, it comes from the inside as the eruption shows to be fresh, golden brown cupcakes that are often shown to also be embedded in the chocolate-lava that squirts out as well, making it quite delicious when many gather it.

Special Preparation IngredientEdit

Despite it being in a local area of location, the actual capture of the cupcano's inside requires the perfect moment when it is time for the shifting of the tectonics plates, which allow the molten rock to enter the volcano to bake the volcano, sweetening and baking it to perfection. However, the only way to make sure that there is an even heat and rising from the volcano is to create a hole near the ventilation of the volcano to allow the cooling air to enter before the pressure completely erupts, sending out the lava and pieces of cupcakes onto the area.

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