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Dandy lions
Dandy Lion

ダンディ リオン


Dandi Rion


Dandy Lion



Capture Level



18 m




Wul Swamp



Dandy Lions (ダンディ リオン Dandi Rion) are a powerful Plant Beast located in Wul Swamp. They are one of the most prevalent creatures in the entire Death Swamp, being akin to a weed. One of the main reasons they flourish there is that they are specially adapted to growing in brackish waters of the swamp. They are the favourite food of Swamp Zebras, with herds being centralized around large fields of these Plant Beasts.


Dandy Lions appear similar to dandelions with a lion's head in place of the pseudanthium. The stems are quite thin, and hold up a large head. Each head has a well groomed mane, and holds an air of importance. All Dandy Lions have the head of a male lion, as they reproduce asexually. They also differ from ordinary dandelions in that they grow up to 18 metres tall.


A Dandy Lion's behaviour can be defined by their name: dandy. They spend most of their time grooming each other, as their appearance is always the top concern. They will also hold themselves up with a gentlemanly attitude, displaying first-rate quality manners. That being said, they are also powerful carnivorous Plant Beasts that can and will eat those that interrupt their dandy lifestyle, though will do so in a gentlemanly manner.

As FoodEdit

Dandy Lions are greens that can be made to be very delicious by skilled chefs. Their flavour is generally to strong to be eaten without preparation. They often get used for salads, and have even been used to make fine wines. The stems tend to be highly bitter, with a white milky liquid that flows inside the stem. This liquid has an incredibly high salt content that comes from the brackish waters they grow in. The flower head has notes of citrus in it, though the overwhelming flavour is similar to that of black pepper. The entire thing can be used, without any sort of special preparation to cook. However, there is a special way to capture these Plant Beasts that makes the process easier to capture. If one looks like a dandy, and acts appropriately as a gentleman while attempting to capture them, the Dandy Lions will offer no resistance whatsoever. That being said though, they are very scrupulous, and if they spot anything out of place, they will attack, in a very dandy way. This method can make the capture of a Dandy Lion possible for someone who isn't strong enough to defeat a Capture Level 20 beast, but most bishokuya who are strong enough won't bother with the act.


Behind The ScenesEdit

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