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The Dark Techniques (暗技(あんぎ), Kura-waza (Angi)) are a set of techniques outlawed by the IGO in the case that they are misused and corrupt the natural flow of food distribution, though the majority of the time they are used in order to heal humans and beasts.

To utilize a Dark Technique, the chef must first come into the possession of a Revitalizing Kitchen Knife, though this is only the tip of the iceberg. The user must also posses unparalleled focus and the ability to pass the blade of the knife between cells without doing damage to the patient or ingredient. By doing this the user can reproduce an ingredient endlessly and eat it as many times as their heart desires. This technique cannot however revive dead humans or beasts.


  • Revitalization Cut (Unnamed): This technique allows the user to cut into an individual and restore the person's damaged tissue cells with new ones, thus healing the individual in the process.
  • Freshness UP Revitalizing Cut (鮮度UP蘇生切り, Sendo UP Yosei Giri): The user stabs the ground with their knife, sequentially creating a shockwave which sends multiple fissures outwards from the point of impact. If these fissures make contact with a fallen beast that was close to dying, the beasts will be instantly healed and their battle abilities will also increase drastically.
  • God Cooking (神の料理術(ゴッドクッキング), Goddo Kukkingu): A rare technique that not much is know about, it allows the user to prepare food no matter what the physical condition and health of the user might be at the time through the energy of their Gourmet Cells. The user's appearance also goes through some notable changes.


  • People do not need to ask permission to use this, but must explain how their character obtained it properly. 
  • Until further explained, God Cooking cannot be used by anyone.
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