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Gourmet World Rulers

The Eight Kings (八王, Hachi Ō) are eight species of wild beasts regarded as the most powerful beings in the world, and thus considered the "Kings of Beasts". The power of these creatures is tremendous and even the world's strongest individual cannot act carelessly when in their presence. The ancestors of the Eight Kings ruled over all of creation at different periods throughout history. Over millenia, their descendant species would inherit their strength and positions. Each of the current Eight Kings rules over one of the major continents in Gourmet World and are in constant, warlord-like rivalry with each other. However, despite this rivalry and ferocious power, the kings help to preserve the balance of each of their respective complex ecosystems, making them essential to the balance of life.

Known KingsEdit

Eight Kings
Konchu ShiMug RerikkuMug Yogan Mug
"Flash of Life"

Area 1
"Sleeping Cataclysm"

Area 2
Dragon King"

Area 3
"God of Destruction"

Area 4
MushikuiMug TaiyoMug BibiriMug ForeignMug
"The Immortal"

Area 5
"Sixth Void"

Area 6
"Tyrannical Emperor"

Area 7
"Mysterious Ruler"

Area 8

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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