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Eve Dragon
Japanese イブドラゴン
Romanized Ibudoragon
English Eve Dragon
Type Dragon Beast
Capture Level 106
Length 237,600 ft.
Height 51 ft.
Weight 3,990 lbs.
Diet Carnivore
Habitat Area 4, Gourmet World
Price Unknown
Abilities Appetite Energy
Regenerative Properties
Debut Memoirs of a Bishokuya
Status Endangered

— BLANK on the Eve Dragon


The Eve Dragon (イブドラゴン Ibudoragon) is a low-level Gourmet World beast hailing from Area 4.

Rarely trespassing into the Human World, the event of this occurring is said to cause immense amounts of destruction. As a result, one such beast acts as the main antagonistic force in the Eve Dragon Arc of Memoirs of a Bishokuya, where it is ultimately slain by the Bishokuya Marimo.

The components of its body (such as its scales, hide, and claws) are the main components of Kiria's knife, Snow White.




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Appetite EnergyEdit

Regenerative CapabilitiesEdit

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