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Fasting Man's Promised Land
Japanese Name 空腹時の人間の約束の地
Romanized Name Kuufuku Ji no Ningen no Yakusoku no Chi
English Name Fasting Man's Promised Land
Location Area 2
Affiliations Seven Civilizations
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Fasting Man's Promised Land is an island town in the northeastern region of Area 2. It is one of the Seven Civilizations of the Gourmet World and is home to the most extreme prefecture of Gourmet Religion in all of the world. It is currently ruled by Pope Koware Ta XIV.

Location Edit

Fasting Man's Promised Land is located in the most northeastern region of Area 2, on a teardrop shaped island located in a small archipelago. The island is located in the eye of a massive tropical storm, making it near inaccessible to humans. The only ones capable of accessing the island is the inhabitant themselves, who rarely leave the island at all. Hence, it has been undetected for years by ordinary human eyes. It's rather lush terrain is stable enough to support a variety of Gourmet World flora and fauna, but the weather has a tenancy to be a bit extreme. There have been documented cases of long periods of both drought and torrential downpours, as well as numerous oceanic storms and disturbances. Many of the residence claim it all to be an act of a higher power.

Layout Edit


Port at Fasting Man's Promised Land

It has the least amount of area out of all the civilizations. Most of the population lives on the island, while some live on smaller isles used mainly for farming and fishing.The roofs of the buildings found on this island are mostly green, as it is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. The town houses a sizable cathedral for holding ceremonies and special hours and masses. In the center of the island is a large tree where weddings, funerals, punishments and religious sacrifices are all held. Restaurants in the town are supplied with ingredients from the island itself, the sea and local farms only. Very few have tasted food from outside of the Promised Land.

History Edit

Culture Edit

Citizens Edit

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