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Fireswamp Centigator



Kanuma Mukadegētā


Myriapod Reptile Beast

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Fire Swamps (Ashen Blaze Island)

Fireswamp Centigator (火沼ムカデゲーター Kanuma Mukadegētā) is a reptile native to Ashen Blaze Island's Fire Swamps.


Fireswamp Centigator resembles a grey-colored alligator with 600 limbs, jade green eyes and black teeth. Its tail is tipped with a black spike and its back covered in countless thorns.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Its skin is highly durable and constantly secreting boiling acids. Being able to survive and live in toxic gases of the Fire Swamps, as well as the gases produced by its own acids dissolving its surroundings, it can be assumed to have a powerful poison immunity.
Its mouth has an organ that secretes dense, combustible liquid. It can spit this liquid on great distances and igniting it with its acids, it will burn at 3,000 °C and produce deadly toxic gases.´

As FoodEdit

Due to its body requiring to survive great heats and the reptile living in toxic environment, its meat is highly poisonous and cannot be easily cooked.
However, it is possible to prepare it into extremely delicious food. It requires to be cooked using the wood from Fire Swamps' Welder Larch and the oil from Cinder Ash Owl's egg.
The meat then needs to be cooked for 33 whole days, until it can be eaten. When finished, the reactions of disappearing toxins inside the meat give it incredible, rich taste and with the Welder Larch, it gains irresistible aftertaste of campfire.
The meat's quality is also so high, that a successfully cooked Fireswamp Centigator meat will evolve one's Gourmet Cells more than most other ingredients from Ashen Blaze Island.