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Foe Island
Foe Island
Japanese Name 敵の島
Romanized Name Teki no Shima
English Name Foe Island
Aliases Island of Hatred
Location Human World
Affiliations IGO (man-made)
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Foe Island (敵の島, Teki no Shima) is an island that was made by the IGO to grow Foematoes. The island is located in the same ocean as Surprise Island, however, unlike Surprise Island, there are those who live on Foe Island to take care of the Beasts that are used to keep up a constant Killing Intent for the Foematoes. Two to three times a year there is a small festival where people come to try to threaten the Foematoes to the highest degree to either sell or for personal use.


Foe Island is actually only half the size of Surprise Island and is, for whatever reason, shaped like a skull. Most people enter Foe Island through the "left eye" though some do enter at the "mouth". It should be noted that the "mouth" is, by far, the least popular place to land in order to enter Foe Island. The island, from above, appears to be covered in a jungle, but in actuality that is actually the myriad of vines from the Foemato plants.

The "right eye" of the island is actually a canyon-like formation where the IGO build several buildings to house the staff of the island, those who come to try their hands at getting high Foe Levels and storage for the food to feed the Beasts kept on the island.

Throughout the island are massive cages that are kept in clusters where the IGO keeps highly territorial Beasts that they have captured alive. By keeping these Beasts both in cages and in close proximity to each other, they are constantly giving off the Killing Intent that is necessary to properly prepare Foematoes for human consumption. Also, due to the presence of these Beasts, Foe Island is not nearly as popular for the every day Chef or low-level Bishokuya to go to as Surprise Island.


A list of the Beasts caged on Foe Island and their locations:

  • War Wolf x 2
    • Both kept at the "mouth" of the island
  • Mors Catamount x 6
    • Kept in specially designed cages, the material is able to withstand the claws & fangs of the Mors Catamounts, but makes for a very poor material to be made into weapons, the cages are lined up from the top of the "skull" to just below the "eyes"
  • Troll Kong x 20
    • All from different troops, caged throughout the Island
  • Dragoon Sharks
    • Circle the Island


  • Appearance of Foe Island is the island of Jaya from One Piece

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