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<Foster, looking at his opponents, saw about 25 Kappa. He sat down, and looked at all of them.>

Foster: Leave.

<His intimidation roared at the Kappa's at full force, and yet none moved a pace. It was impossible. Kappa's were scared beast, who hid from stronger ones. Foster was able to scare away beasts with more then twice the CLVL of Kappa's, yet they stood brave. Clara, watching from afar, knew that as well, and though. She had to use her mind, of every little part of the Silver Lake.>

Clara: FOSTER! I have an idea!

Foster: What?

Clara: The hirechary of the Silver Lake! At the surface, the weakest, and at the below, the strongest. Most likely, something forced them up, and it's powerful!

<Borus, nodded to the idea.>

Borus: Yep. I knew it the moment I saw them. Take them out, and the true enemy will appear. Be careful though, Kappa's are quite...

<Foster is standing over the pile of them.>


Foster: A punch here... a kick there... even a headbutt. 

<Borus, was impressed, and felt something at his rod. He pulled out, as hard as he could, and he saw what he did. A truck.>

Borus: What the... 

<In the truck, a creature came out. Borus, Foster, and Clara saw the beast, and it looked like a TadPole with feet. It looked at the gang, and growled. Clara, noticed what it was, and pounded her fist into her open hand.>

Clara: A Fantastic Pole!

Fantastic Pole


Clara: They use sound waves, to control weaker creatures. The weaker, the better it can control. Be careful...

<Foster, uppercuts the beast, and throws it into the water. Clara, is shocked, and Borus looks flabbergasted.>


<Sunday, walks to the surface, and picks ups the beast, and it's mouth starts to water. So does Foster, and he holds the beast up.>

Foster: Yummy... how tasty is this?

Clara: It's a usual entry in 5 star resturants. Worth somewhere between 900,000 yen, and 1.3 million yen.

Foster: Then, seems like dinner!

<Foster, starts a fire already, and Sunday puts the Tadpole on a stick. Clara and Borus, staring at it, are shocked.>

Borus: The minute we say do something...

Clara: He has it done...

<After a while, the group eat it, and the response is natural.>

Foster: The flesh, despite being burned, tastes like butter!

Clara: It just melts in the mouth!

Borus: The tongue, it pops in your mouth!

Sunday: Fri fri fri, fri fri!

<Everyone sits down, and rests. The next day, Borus, wakes them up, by pouring water on each of them. When they wake up, they notice that Borus is standing over them.>

Borus: Time to go. You guys can leave.

<They looked surprised, and Foster, stood up.>

Foster: But I have to protect you, so you could...

Borus: Copper fish isn't here.

Foster: Bye.

<Foster walks away, with Sunday, and Clara pulls them back.>

Clara: STOP! Now, what do you mean?! You took us here, for nothing!

Borus: Umm... what's the word... lie. That's it. I lied. I'm a liar liar, pants on fire. A scoundrel, and a rouge, of the worst sort.

<Borus laughs, and Clara, looks unimpressed.>

Borus: But, you can have... A Kappa.


Foster: Good enough.

<Foster grabs the Kappa, and walks away. Clara, angry, ran to him.>


Foster: We're paid, and I feasted. That's it. No more, no less. Thanks Borus!

<Borus waves, and Clara, looks to Foster, and runs back to Borus, shaking his hands.>

Clara: Thanks for saving me, Mr. Borus.

<She walks away, waving, and Borus, waves back. After a while, he sits back down, and thinks to himself.>

Borus: Geez... so Foster is that strong. Wouldn't last 0.001 seconds in the Gourmet world, but in the human world, he can do fine.

<He notices his rod is lifted, and lifts it up, to show a giant crab monster. The boss of the Silver Lake.>

Tyrant Crab

CLVL: 44

<The beast, is more then 45x Borus size, and it brings it's crab arm up, to smash Borus.>

Borus: Well... worth 12 million yen... should feed that stupid village I live in for a while... sorry crabby, have to ask you to die.

<Borus exerts his pressure, and crushes the crab in a second.>

Borus: Hmm... Needs butter.

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