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G3: The Imperial Dragon's Rage, The Mighty Dragon Gator vs. Jack is the third chapter of Jack, The Bishokuya's Life.

Plot Edit

Informed by Samson, Jack and the others were visiting Gourmet Coliseum to see many Beasts where they fight and knock out each others including the perfect cloned Dragon Gator much to Jack shock in surprise. Jack realize that Dragon Gator is a female and is about to give birth. Jack break the glass and the female clone finally give birth the baby Dragon Gator. However, to Jack's horror, the clone was critically shoted by the one of Bishokukai's minions; Von. Flarmingo. Seeing the cloned Dragon Gator was injured, Jack become extremely enraged and the Gourmet Cells was developed.

Characters Edit

Ingredients and Beasts Edit

Ingredients Edit

Beasts Edit

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