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Golden Cookware
Golden Cookware



Kinno Ryouridougu


Blue Nitro




used as cooking tools for Food Spirit World



Golden Cookware (金の料理道具,Kinno Ryouridougu) are an array of cooking tools and objects crafted by the Blue Nitro and various other beings to use in the Food Spirit World in order to cook and consume the ingredients that reside there. Although there is said to only be seven individual tools, other variations have shown up in the world, making it unlikely. 

Known ItemsEdit

Materials usedEdit

Currently, there are seven known material that are used to make cooking tools to use in the Spirit World and are found in Area 6, near the Blue Grill. Each one is material from one of the Seven Beasts, a small group of creatures who rule under the ruler of Area 6, Moon.


  • Kanji and Romaji were provided by Forest

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