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Golden Yamatapple
Golden Yamatapple



Goodruden Yamatapupuru


Golden Yamatapple


The Eleventh Labour



Capture Level







24 karat


1,000,000,000 yen per Fruit


Cirrus Island Range


Healing Factor

Related Ingredient

Trials of Pilgrimage

Golden Yamatapples are the fruit which is guarded by the Ladorochis. It, along with the Ladorochi comprise of the Eleventh Labour in the Trials of Pilgrimage.

Description Edit

These apples appear like simple apples but are a bright shining gold. They have an intoxicating aroma and are smooth to the touch. The trees they grow on are heavily protected by the deadly Ladorochi, a ruthless Dragon Beast hell bent on defending their primary food source. The trees themselves are incredibly skinny, relying on the Ladorochi to hold it up or risk bending and snapping.

As Food Edit

The fruits are said to be incredibly delicious on top of smelling delightful. However, the skin of the fruits are twice as tough as diamonds and requires a special knife to cut it.

Special Preparation Ingredient Edit

To cut into the succulent fruits, you need a part of their protectors, the Ladorochi. Either by obtaining one of their teeth or horns, one must carefully cut the skin without damaging the flesh. If one is unsuccessful, the flesh with become as hard as the skin, making it inedible. Once the skin is off, the flesh will appear a gleaming white, like white gold. The overall bite tastes like eating the richest alcoholic cider in the world. The juice lightly burns ones throat and mouth and boils in the stomach due to its intensity. Its almost like eating melted gold. After the skin is removed it can be used in recipes like any other apple. These fruits also contain a special healing factor which can heal any wound. The juice reacts to any wound and immediately works into the blood to heal wounds faster. It is said there are Gourmet Cells inside these fruits which stimulate every means of healing the body. This even includes stem cells for missing extremities.

Trivia Edit

  • The Golden Yamatapple is based off of the Golden Apples of Hespirdes from the Herculean Legend.
  • The image used it The Golden Apple from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.
  • Yamatapple is a combination of the words "Apple" and "Yamata" as in Yamata no Orochi.
  • The descriptions for how the fruit tastes came from the description of the apple cider from the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie.

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