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Hebi Hito


Snake Person


Reptilian (Race)










Bewitching Food World


Occular Stimulation
Snake Manipulation



Gorgons (ヘビ人, Hebi Hito) are a race of reptilian humanoids that take up residence in Bewitching Food World. Over the years they've developed a bad reputation among the citizens of Bewitching Food World because of their manipulative ways and abilities. They're best known for having snakes in the place of hair.


Most Gorgons share similar physical characteristics with each other, so it is hard to tell them apart unless your in close range of one. The average height and build of Gorgons are very similar to that of humans, with the males and females around the same size as male and female humans. The main differences are that Gorgons have thick, scaly hide much more durable than a human's. They also have slit reptilian pupils and razor sharp fangs, along with three to six inch long claws that can easily cut through the flesh of very thick-skinned beasts. And of course there's their infamous serpent manes. None of the serpents attached to Gorgons' heads have individual brains though.


For generations Gorgons have taken residence along with many other monstrous creatures in Bewitching Food World. Unfortunately, a group of Gorgons formed within the civilization and committed several crimes through the use of their manipulative powers. The group was eventually captured and sentenced to be sacrificed at Horse King Hill to the Horse King Heraku, but because of their actions Gorgons are not allowed to use their powers within Bewitching Food World under any circumstances. Further more, Gorgons have since become targets of much racism within Bewitching Food World and are racially stereotyped as devious people who will attempt to manipulate and swindle unsuspecting passersby out of their belongings through other means besides their Ocular Stimulation if given the chance.

Known GorgonsEdit


  • The author decided to tackle some more mature cultural topics in this article that the canon rarely has time to fit in.
  • A general rule for making Gorgon characters: If they are affiliated with Bewitching Food World, they are, like it states above, not allowed to use their powers unless they leave BFW for reasons such as training, hunting, exploring, etc.
  • If you would like to make a Gorgon that has used their powers within the borders of BFW, than you may, but they will have to be banished from BFW for doing so.

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