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Gourmet Highway

Safest Route of Gourmet World

Gourmet Highways (グルメ高速道路, Gurume Kōzokudōro) are rare and unique pathways that are said to be spread throughout the entire Gourmet World, created by the Eight Kings in order to allow multiple different beings to enter while traveling around the Gourmet World. It has been said that depending on the mood that each king is in when they walk through the paths, depends on how treacherous or dangerous it can often be. However, despite the incredible dangers and terrains these safe zones have, it can easily lead the person the right way without encountering anything serious or even deadly at times. It has been shown that only those blessed with tremendous food luck can often find these routes, knowingly or unknowingly, and lead themselves as well as anyone else through it safely with ease. It is also seen that the Gourmet Highway leads to different paths, especially ones that go to the Seven Civilizations.

Known RoutesEdit


  • People are allowed to make their own Gourmet Highways that don't go towards the civilizations.

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