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Gourmet Mercenaries



Gurume Genkindachi








Prevention of Illicit Ingredient Plundering

Gourmet Mercenaries (グルメ現金達, Gurume Genkindachi) are a group of individuals noted to be loosely affiliated with a wide variety of organizations who uphold the sanctity of the Human World. They are employed, and endeavor in the defeat of those who attempt to keep Ingredients for themselves.

Overview Edit

In terms of their overall purpose within the world, Gourmet Mercenaries are hired by a wide variety of individuals in order to fulfill numerous requests regarding the preservation or acquisition of certain ingredients. As such, they possess highly refined combat skills and are equally proficient in various Hunting Methods, as are Chefs and Bishokuya. As well as this, Gourmet Mercenaries appear to have a natural enmity with the likes of the Bishokukai, primarily due to their overarching goal. Due to this, it isn't uncommon to see Gourmet Mercenaries engaging with the members of the said organization when on any sort of job.

History Edit

Little is known about the formation of the Gourmet Mercenaries. However, it is assumed that their foundation comes from Bishokuya employed by government officials to protect their collected Ingredients from those of a similar nature to the Bishokukai. They have been scattered around the world ever since the importance of Ingredients have been established.

Known Gourmet Mercenaries Edit

Name Title
Sayuri Miyamori Midnight Hunter

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