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Gourmet Pirates
Gourmet Pirates



Gurume Kaizoku






Ships & Ports


Plunder Ingredients

Gourmet Pirates (グルメ海賊, Gurume Kaizoku) is the generic term for any sailors who sail the seas of the Human World and attack, plunder and steal Ingredients from Merchant Ships, Ports and smaller IGO locations.


It has long since been forgotten who and when the first Gourmet Pirates appeared on the seas. However, thanks to the IGO's efforts, there haven't been many Pirate crews during the Gourmet Age. In fact, the existence of Gourmet Pirates is only known to the smaller trading companies as they usually can't afford the protection the larger companies have that dissuade and prevent acts of piracy. There have been some Gourmet Pirate crews that have gained enough power to be able to raid small IGO posts, but they have been few and far between and usually quickly eliminated by the IGO.

The IGO has also done what it could to keep information about the Gourmet Pirates out of the news, keeping their existence out of the public eye and preventing people from romanticizing the pirate lifestyle and taking it up themselves.

The punishment for those who are caught flying the Hungry Roger is to be quickly and immediately sent to Honey Prison for the serious crime of Food Theft.

Known Gourmet PiratesEdit


  • Sanji's Pirate Flag, from One Piece, which has been edited slightly, is being used as a generic Jolly Roger, called Hungry Roger here, for the Gourmet Pirates

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