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Gourmet Sages
Japanese Name: グルメ賢者
Romanized Name: Gurume Kenja
English Name: Gourmet Sages
Leader(s): Senryaku, Tanoshimi, Hisuteri, Hotai, Nigemasu
Base of Operations: Unknown
Status: Active
Debut: N/A

The Gourmet Sages (グルメ賢者) are an organization of people that bless people's food, enhancing the taste and warding off possible death omens emanating from the ingredient. It began 10 years prior to Food Heaven, and has since gained a large influence over the Human World.

The Executive Sages travel around the Human World via their GT Robos. Due to their usage of GT Robos, no one, including the lower-ranking Sages, do not know the Executive Sages' real appearance, allowing them to blend in with society and have double lives. Before its formation, the Executive Sages spent their time gaining funds before bringing about the idea of Gourmet Sages to the world.

Due to the Executive Sages' actions, this group is considered to be one of the leading Antagonistic groups in the entirety of Food Heaven, often getting in the way of Gurume and its allies.



The Five Executive Sages

Before the creation of Gourmet Sages, Senryaku thought of the idea and searched the Human World for worthy members that could lead the group with him. Due to his excellent Food Luck, he believed that only those with the same level of Food Luck, or close enough to be adequate to his tastes, would be worthy enough. Due to this pretentious requirement, he had a large amount of difficulty in finding members.

After a year in searching, he was capable of finding four other people with exceptional Food Luck and formed a dormant Gourmet Sages. During this time period of dormancy, they gained enough funds to have someone create GT Robos for themselves, allowing for their plans to set in motion. Using their GT Robos, they began gaining followers, catching food for citizens, or "blessing" their food with their own Food Luck, warding off omens and making the food taste better. However, this method is all a mind-game, making the "victim" believe they are doing what they claim to be doing. Once they gained enough followers, they used their network of followers to gain intel regarding political matters or rumors of rare ingredients.

Several years later, after gaining followers, the Human World spread the Gourmet Sages' name, and their dormant state remained no more. They soon began gaining members, in which they would train in the "art".

Known MembersEdit

Gourmet Sages
SenryakuFake HisuteriFake HotaiFake TanoshimiFake NigemasuFake
"Executive Sage"
"Executive Sage"
"Executive Sage"
"Executive Sage"
"Executive Sage"
Lower-Ranking Sages


  • The Executive Sages were originally just going to have the appearance they had, but it was too hard for the creator to find people sharing a similar appearance.

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