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Gourmet Shaman
Gourmet Shaman







Mediator of the Food Spirits

Gourmet Shaman(グルメシャーマン, Gurumeshāman) are a group of individuals who are said to be the mediators between the Food Spirits of both good and evil. Often at times, most Gourmet Shaman's prefer to live amongst nature and don't often commune with the outside world, making them the nomads of the Gourmet Age


Most Gourmet Shamans show to give appreciation to life entirely, both in living and in death, often at times building shrines and giving respect to all sacred constructs from all cultures. Many Shamans show a similar belief with the idea of clensing and purifying Food Spirits that have lost their way and have corrupted from long spans of torment from not being able to eat the foods they once enjoyed when they were alive. Most believe in keeping to a neutral side, not wanting to stir conflict with either side, preferring to keep the balance of the world in check, which often means they aid one side or the other if the balance is disturbed.

Known MembersEdit


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