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Grand Eye
Grand Eye

The Grand Master of Vision


Reptile Beasts

Capture Level



7 Km


8 million tons


950,000,000,000 yen per eye




Gourmet World, Area 3


Vision reaching 25,000,000 meters in 360o vision, Regeneration, Appetite energy



The Grand Eye is an Eight King, and is one of the most powerful beast to ever walk the land. It reigns over the place known as Area 3, a region larger then a hundred Russia's combined.


It is an extremely large creature, of Black skin, with over 3,000 eyes, but it likes to cover some. The beast can go as large as over 6 Kilometers in height, and can weigh 8 million tons. It has 6 tentacle like arms, with 3 fingers on each.


Of all the Eight Kings, it is the most neutral, of them all. They do not hunt after creatures, and only observe, them. However, they have a family bond so strong, hundreds of the members of the species will save the Grand Eye in danger. Because of this, they will do anything, and if the Grand Eye is hurt, or killed, the Grand Eyes will destroy everything in their path, even fellow Kings, making them known as a disaster worse then a genocidal plague.

As FoodEdit

The meat, is considered impossible to eat, no matter how much one tries to cook it, or check a special method of cooking. However, the eyes are known to be more delicious then any other liquid. The eyes, if specially cooked, will explode in the mouth, and bring great joy to the person even after death.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The creature, has a CLVL of 6,025, the 5th highest CLVL on the planet. The creature can bench press over 6,500,000,000 tons, and it's tentacles are considered 450x faster then the speed of sound. If cut, the tentacles will make smaller tentacles, and group up, to make another complete tentacle. The greatest problem, is the eyes. They are able to see anything, making them extremely difficult to fight. Not only vision, but they can see anything, visible or not. The eyes can pin point objects or creatures 1/100000000000000000 smaller then normal human vision. Blinding the eye, will only cause it to regenerate, but it takes a whole minute to do so, 10x slower then a tentacle. The eyes, can fire off appetite energy, unlike the mouth for most creatures, making the beast give off 'Laser Vision'.

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