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Hadadu Ba'lu
Hadadu Ba'lu

Lord Thunderer
King Bull Crab


Crustacean Beast

Capture Level



10 ft




Area 8 (Gourmet World)


Appetite Energy



Hadadu Ba'lu, also called Lord Thunderer (藩主のサンダラー, Hanshu no Sandarā) and King Bull Crab (王牡牛蟹, Ō Oushi Kani), is a powerful Crustacean Beast that lives in Area 8 in the Gourmet World. The strongest of these Beasts will challenge Dagon for the title of King of Area 8.


Hadadu Ba'lu are large, humanoid creatures with tough exoskeletons. The exoskeleton is bicolored, being a reddish-orange color on the back and a pale, eggshell color on the underside. They also have massive, spiny horns on their heads that are reminiscent of a bull's horns, which has lead to the moniker of King Bull Crab.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gourmet Cells: as a Beast of the Gourmet World, Hadadu Ba'lu possess Gourmet Cells. The cells of these Beasts seem to be directed almost solely towards enhancing their physical abilities. As such, Gourmet Cells are credited as the cause of their other abilities, such as their impressively durable exoskeletons and their physical strength.

Tough Exoskeleton: the exoskeleton of a Hadadu Ba'lu is said to be several times stronger than diamonds. Proof of the durability of its shell is that Hadadu Ba'lu are capable of withstanding the water bullets that Dagon typically shoots at opponents. The exoskeleton also protects Hadadu Ba'lu from the water absorbing abilities of Dagon as well, making it a serious threat to the Fish King.

Immense Strength: Hadadu Ba'lu have enough physical strength to crush boulders in their hands. The Crustacean Beasts are also known for being capable of manhandling creatures several times their own size, like dragging massive Fish Beasts onto shore to consume. The pure strength of these creatures is also seen when one takes on Dagon, being able to go toe-to-toe with the King of Area 8 for a while.

Intimidation: Hadadu Ba'lu will, like gorillas, beat on their chests as a method of intimidating others. The sound of Hadadu Ba'lu beating on their chests is nearly deafening, as the combination of their strength and their exoskeletons creates a deep, heavy booming sound like that of thunder, this is the source of the nickname of Lord Thunderer.

As FoodEdit


  • Name comes from a god from the Proto-Semitic pantheon:
    • Hadadu (aka Haddu) was a storm god, the name likely means "thunderer"
    • Ba'lu was an alternate name for the same god and means "husband, lord"
  • Appearance is a Pokemon Fusion of Kingler and Pinsir known as Kingsir made by DeviantArtist nalintj

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