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165cm (Average)


68kg (Average)




Bewitching Food World


Sonic Emissions

Harpies (ハーピー, Haapi) are a race of Avian humanoids native to the Gourmet World, and are most commonly found residing in Bewitching Food World. Among the many different races of Bewitching Food World, Harpies are known to be some of the most impulsive, and they have a reputation as being an uncivilized people, though the latter is merely a stereotype.


Harpies tend to be one of the more individualized races native to Bewitching Food World, so it is a bit difficult to generalize the race's appearance as a whole. Traits that all Harpies share include their exoskeleton-like plating covering the majority of their bodies, though this varies in coloration from Harpy to Harpy. The plating resembles clothes to a point, and sometimes it doesn't even look like plating but rather oddly colored clothing. They have three-fingered hands and bird-like feet, with each finger and toe having small claws growing out of them. Surprisingly their fingers and toes can be segmented, which, when paired with their body-plating, gives some of them a vague resemblance to insects more than birds. Harpies are relatively petite people, with the average height for an adult being about five and a half feet tall, and the tallest of them never clearing six feet.

Some more avian traits of Harpies are their mouths, which have human-like teeth within them, and their large feathery wings, which are typically white in coloration, although there have been a few exceptions. Harpies also usually have markings on their forehead, which can vary in color. They also grow hair on the top of their heads like humans, and the colors, lengths, and styles vary between Harpies. Elderly Harpies are even shown to bald.


Out of the hundreds of different species native to Bewitching Food World, the Harpies are one of the oldest. There were Harpies living in Bewitching Food World when it was still just a small alliance of tribes hundreds of years ago. Harpies were among the founding members of Bewitching Food World, but unlike their comrades, they've been a bit slow in social development. Other than the founding of Bewitching Food World, Harpies haven't done to many noteworthy deeds as a whole, though there have been a few successful Bishokuya and Saiseiya among them. There have even been a few Harpies that have been recognized as members of the Three Beast Warriors.

Known HarpiesEdit


  • Harpies have extreme longevity, and there are some even older than Acacia's Three Disciples.

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