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Hell and Back Snow Peas



Jigoku to Bakku no Sayaendou


Hell and Back Snow Peas



Capture Level



7,000 yen per pod


Ice Hell



Hell and Back Snow Peas are a special type of pea that grows in Ice Hell. It is a major food source for many of the herbivores that live there. Because of the hardness of the peas themselves, they should not be eaten raw.

Description Edit

Even though Hell and Back Snow Peas are that type of pea [snow], they have the appearance of a typical snap pea. They are usually buried beneath the frigid ice and snow where they grow and thrive despite the harsh climate. Because of this, they are known as an "extremist species" to those living in the Human World.

They dig their roots deep into the frozen ground, gathering nutrients in the colder months, and water in the warmer months. They store these two things for the opposing months when one supply is short. They grow on curly, wiry vines and the pea pods themselves are encased in a tough layer of ice and snow to preserve their flavour. Usually, only certain types of animals have been able to locate populations of these peas, for instance the Freezer Bison, and as a result have adapted to eat these hard vegetables raw.

As Food Edit

On their own, Hell and Back Snow Peas cannot be eaten raw. Their pods have been frozen rock solid that biting into them without being cooked can lead to broken teeth. The pods must be boiled at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) exactly. Any warmer and the peas will lose their flavour and taste too bitter. Any colder and their cold exterior will not completely melt. Once fully cooked, the pods will open up revealing precooked snow peas. They may also fling small flecks of ice when they do. Afterwards, the peas can be eaten, pods and all. The overall taste is roughly a combination of regular snow pea, scallion, pine nut, and sesame seed.

Trivia Edit

  • The inspiration for this ingredient was given to the author by the Kayfabe Kitchen Episode: Al Snow Peas.

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