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Hobble Restaurant
Hobble Restaraunt
English Name Hobble Restaurant
Location Human World
Affiliations Restaurant
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Hobble Restaurant is a Four Star Restaurant that are well known for their fine dining cuisine and atmosphere that is suitable for adults and children. Their main service are a Tastet, where cooking is placed on taste and presentation, making it enjoyable for people to see while they are waiting to be served. They often serve multiple small servings for everyone to enjoy as much as they want. 


The restaurant itself is shown to be quite larger than most average restaurants, showing to almost be like a research division in some ways, showing to be larger in size and shaped to look almost like an office building from the outside.


The Menu is shown to consist with a Full Course Meal, only serving small portions of an ingredient to keep up with it's method of cooking.


The Restaurant is said to be located on the outskirts of  Gourmet Town, allowing those of the city to come out to their spot to enjoy their meal without too many people around. 


Hobble Restaurant Staff
Sabrina Mug MichelleMug ToriMug HakkuMug
"Sous Chef"
Hakku Awarena
Former Restaurant Staff
"Prep Cook"