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Hue Valley
Japanese Name 色相の谷
Romanized Name Shikisou no Tani
English Name Hue Valley
Location Human World
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Hue Valley is a very beautiful valley in the Human World, home to a variety of colourful ingredients and beasts.

Geography Edit

Beasts and Ingredients Edit

Beasts Edit

  • Bolt Lycan (Mammal Beast/Capture Level 79)
  • Alabaster Cobra (Reptile Beast/Capture Level 29)
  • Shwarmaraptor (Reptile Beast/Capture Level 10-25)
  • Autumn Colors Cattle (Mammal Beast/Capture Level 25)
  • Rice Turtle (Reptile Beast/Capture Level 23)
  • Odinbug (Insect Beast/Capture Level 12)
  • Candyleon (Reptile Beast/Capture Level 10)
  • Karaageha (Insect Beast/Capture Level Unknown)

Ingredients Edit

  • Alabaster Onion (Vegetable/Capture Level 31)
  • Poison Apple (Fruit/Capture Level 19)
  • Oni-on (Vegetable/Capture Level Unknown)

Trivia Edit

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