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Fairy-Fencer-F-Advent-Dark-Force 2016 02-19-16 001
Japanese ジャック
Romanized Jakku
English Jack
Aliases The Bishokuya Newbie
Personal Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 21
Status Alive
Professional Statistics
Affiliation IGO (loosely)
Gourmet Team
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Debut G1: The Bishokuya Newbie

Jack is the main character in Jack, The Bishokuya's Life. He is the newbie along with Kiri and Arigato.


Fang is young 21 year old man with light skin, short brown hair, and deep blue eyes. His attire consists of a white shirt covered over by a black jacket with white lining and red stripes going on both sleeves. He wears slightly baggy red pants with several pockets on both pant leg along with matching boots with the base color of black but are red on the bottom.




Fossilizaurus ArcEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hunting MethodEdit

Jack's Full Course MenuEdit

Jack's Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Undecided
Soup Soup Undecided
Fish Dish Fish Dish Undecided
Meat Dish MeatDish Undecided
Main Course MainDish Undecided
Salad Salad Undecided
Dessert Dessert Undecided
Drink Drink Undecided


"My only request is to awakening GOD and I will become Bishokushin just like Acacia."


  • He is based on Fang from Fairy Fencer F.

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