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Jewel rice
Jewel Rice



Jueru Raisu


Jewel Rice


Beauty Rice



Capture Level



2,193 yen per lbs


Heavy Hole



Jewel Rice(ジュエル·ライス, Jueru Raisu) is rice said to be an assortment of jewels after it has been cooked, gleaming and sparkling as if polished by the hands of a master. The rice is located around the middle area of Heavy hole, where the gravity isn't as powerful. 


Each grain of rice is said to look like a small lump of charcoal, each one rough and dirty with soot from the dirt of the ground, black remains of it often smear the hand of the chef cooking it. Once it has been washed, cooked properly and thoroughly, each grain is shown to be similar to that of a small gem-stone, shining brightly and harboring a different flavor in each different grain.

As FoodEdit

Each grain of rice is said to be a hidden gemstone due to the intense gravity of Heavy Hole, compressing the minerals of the area into the ground where the rice is formed. It must be cooked at a very high temperature with an even flame as the rice must not only be cleaned, but heated before cooking, allowing for it to be polished and cooled when dropped into the water. With each chew of the rice, new flavor pops up depending on how the chef prepares it.

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