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"Well, looks like I'm going to start my adventure off right! With some cake!"
—Kabuki, saying this to herself.
Kabuki Muraoka
Kabuki 00
Full Body Shot.
Name Kabuki Muraoka
Kanji 歌舞伎村岡
Rōmaji Kabuki Muraoka
Race Human(Gourmet Cell-Bearer)
Birthday July 23
Age 19
Gender Female
Height 5'1
Weight 114 lbs
Eyes Pink
Hair Pink
Profession Traits.
Personal Traits.
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Unnamed Brother
Skills ???
Weapons Pistols
 Kabuki Muraoka (歌舞伎村岡, Kabuki Muraoka) is a greenhorn Bishokuya, equipped with only pistols, she must set out on an adventure to get better equipment, and try to be dubbed one of the strongest of Bishokuya. Kabuki was born with Gourmet Cells, from her mother, and father, bearing them before her.


Kabuki dons a pink dress that is button up, with ruffles at the bottom of the dress. She has a pink overcoat, with a design around the shoulder area, she wears black leggings, with laced shoes that goes up to her knees. She has pale peach skin, with her pink hair in high twin tails, with two pink ribbons tieing the hair. Her eyes are a soft shade of pink hue, She comes into about five foot one.


Kabuki is extraoridnarily needy, she craves attention all the time. She is easily annoyed. She takes great care of her weapondry.


Kabuki's parents were both extraordinarily great Bishokuya, taking down hundreds, maybe thousands of High Level ingredients. Hailing from them, they raised Kabuki to be a Bishokuya, but, to her speed, rather than strength, they trained her with a pistol, rather than a melee weapon, even though a pistol could be used as a melee and long range weapon.


  • Gourmet Cells: Kabuki pocesses Gourmet Cells.
    • Immense Durability: Due to Kabuki being born with Gourmet Cells, she has immense durability, she could take quite a beating.
    • Immense Speed: Kabuki has immense speed. (W.I.P)
    • Immense Strength: Kabuki was born with immense strength. (W.I.P)
    • Immense Appetite: Kabuki has an immense appetite. 

Hunting Method.Edit

  • 9mm Pistol: Kabuki uses a 9mm pistol, to kill beasts.
    • ​Hollow Point Bullets: These bullets are just regular bullets, .9mm, and a hollow point, for maximum percision, and damage.

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