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Kaiga Kingdom
VlOz1An approximation of the Kaiga Kingdom Map
Japanese Name 絵画の王国
Romanized Name Kaiga no Oukoku
English Name Kaiga Kingdom
Location Human World
Affiliations None
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The Kaiga Kingdom is a three island giant kingdom that is located in the Human World. The Kingdom have some of the most powerfull warriors in the whole world, There is Three islands on the kingdom and each has its own King and rules which follow generations of ancient kings and the most powerful family is who runs the entire Kingdom the Kaiga Family.


Los 8 generales

The 9 Most Powerfull Kaiga Warriors.

The Kaiga Kingdom is known worldwide for having some of the most powerful Warriors of the whole story, even the most talented are known to possess gourmet cells, being born with them or even having been placed on them due to their great power. In the current generation of Kaiga warriors there are nine great warriors prodigious one being the current King of one of the islands of the Kingdom. The Warriors are all powerful Bishokuyas and some of them have even gourmet cells and one of them has several extremely powerful abilities.


Kaiga Kingdom
Kaiga Family
Warrior Island
Sun Island
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