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Kaiju Nest
Monster Island by KaijuSamurai
Japanese Name 怪獣の巣
Romanized Name Kaiju no Su
English Name Kaiju Nest
Location Human World
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The Kaiju Nest is known worldwide as one of the world's most desolate wastelands in the Human World, not because it's barren or lacking in human needs, but because of the giant creature that inhabit this location will lay waste to anyone who steps into the nest.

Geography Edit

The whole area of the nest is located inside a large fissure in the earth's crust which may have been caused by a large asteroid. Waterfalls and pathways can be found along the walls of the nest which provide hydration to all life inside it. Vegetation can be found in small patches all across the nest, but for the most part, the ground is solid rock. Unusual pillar-like hoodoos can be found throughout the nest, which are usually made home by many aerial beasts. Caves and makeshift burrows are also very common in those areas; ordinary people are advised to stay away from them at all times.

Beasts and Ingredients Edit

Beasts Edit

Ingredients Edit

  • Cafe Morning Breath (Capture Level 2)
  • Cocoa Bamboo (Capture Level 17)
  • Supersonicactus (Capture Level 80)

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