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King Beasts
King Beasts






King Beasts are said to be individual people all around the Human World who's powers are said to be extrodinary, unlike anything humans have ever encountered. It's been shown that they have the capability not only to go into the gourmet world as well, making them legendary as one of few people that have ever survived there.

Incredible AchievementsEdit

Alex: Alex is a famous Bishokuya having made great achievements during his youth the biggest being the fact that he faced the legendary Battle Wolf and survived losing his left arm. Having trained young Bishokuyas made ​​famous many years and passed back to Bishokuya career as a solo. And although it has lost much of its strength to be without his arm Alex has a great power and a bully with the power of a child of Eight Kings.

Tobias Dayton: Known as the Gourmet Hermit of The West and was said to have protected an entire part of the Human World when the devastating Meteor Spice came. He was said to have mastered Food Honor at the age of 10 and perfected the concept of Food Immersion, eventually developing a new ability that only he has been able to use time and time again.

Richard E. Castle:

Huojin Phlegon:

Known MembersEdit

King Beasts
Alex Tobias Rick's Profile Huojin Phlegon Avatar
Alex Tobias Dayton‎‎ Richard E. Castle Huojin Phlegon

Signature SkillEdit

  • Alex: Having lost his left arm to Battle Wolf, Alex trained enough to compensate for the loss if your arm and it was consentrada all his strength in his right arm. With his new power Alex can now compete with the beasts of the gourmet world is tivese easily with both his arms in maximum strength.
  • Tobias Dayton: Living in the Lost Forest for many years, Tobias has shown to have the ability to control every single tear in it's wide range, allowing him to sense and feel when someone or something is threatening it.
  • Richard E. Castle:
  • Huojin Phlegon:



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