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King Land Shark
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King Land Shark


Royal Land Shark



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Gourmet World (Area 2)

The King Land Shark is a massive land dwelling shark beast from the Gourmet World. It is a powerful beast of unfathomable strength and a monstrous capture level of 4450. It is considered truly a legendary beast and is considered legendary among the most well known of Gourmet World survivors.

Appearance Edit

It is a gigantic creature in size that even the towers over Battle Wolves. It has most of the features of a shark such as facial structure, a tail fin and overall body shape. However it has four muscular legs which allow it to walk on land. It has deep black eyes with red pupils. Its back is covered in rows of numerous sharp spikes and its entire body is covered in what appear to veins or crack-like markings. Its mouth is wide and grotesque, having massive gums that make up most of it, rows of sharp pointy teeth surrounding it and it appears to have numerous tentacle-like tongues coming out of its mouth. According to some, two varieties exist; they can either appear in dark blue or beige.

Behaviour Edit

To be determined...

Powers and Abilities Edit

Not much of its true strength is known, however as it is a Gourmet World species with a capture level of 4450 it is clearly a powerful and fearsome beast and the fact that it was shown fighting a Battle Wolf pack is a testament to its ferocity. It is rumored to have no hesitation about attacking one of the Eight Kings, showing just how tremendous its power is.

As Food Edit

King Land Shark meat is a rare, ultra-high class delicacy of unmeasurable status. Its meat can be grilled and made into ultra high-quality sushi which can be made available at certain restaurants in the Human World if reservations are made years in advance due to its rarity.

Trivia Edit

  • The Grand Shark bears a resemblance to it, as both are four-legged sharks capable of surviving on land.

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