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Knocking Arsenal
Knocking (ノッキング, Nokkingu) is an extraordinary non-lethal form of capturing and stopping any living being that comes with the intent to do harm. The method is shown to be a form of nerve-striking that hits any part of the beings body, resulting in the temporary cut of electrical movements and blood flow to the limb or certain part, leaving them unable to move that part or their bodies depending on how many times an individual is knocked.


It has been shown that there are two different ways Knocking can be used: The first way is using a special Knocking Gun that injects specialized needles that can enter the body, and immobilize the part where it was entered temporarily until the needles dissolve away. The second variation is that the user can hit the body of any being, focusing their strength to temporarily disrupting the flow of motion, resulting in the person being unable to move if they are hit more than once on contact.

Masters of Knocking are said to be able to use incredible techniques and can even immobilize something to the point of it staying frozen for hundreds of years at a time. It has been shown that only one being has the capability of using Knocking to temporary immobilize the rotation of the planet, resulting in natural disasters occurring all over the world, the name of the technique is called Grand Knocking(グランドノッキング, Gurando Nokkingu).

Known TechniquesEdit

  • Damage Knocking: Is a technique that a few individuals know and have mastered due to its incredible difficulty and extreme risks that comes along with it. When an attack immediately connects with the user, they apply knocking in specific locations on their body, causing their internal body to tense up and create a form of blockage that keeps the pain receptors and impact of the attack blocked. This stops any attack in its tracks and keeps it in a suspended state, leaving it within the user's body until the knocking is released, while any remnants of it is released outward, causing damage to anything surrounding the user. While this technique is able to keep someone from getting severely hurt, it has a very dangerous side effect. The attack dealt is still in the user, meaning that if undone, the damage and pain from it is released along with any other attack damage that piles up along with it. If left over an incredibly long period of time and undone, it will cause severe damage to the body and can even kill the person if too much damage is done.


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  • Knocking can be used by anyone.
  • The technique Grand Knocking is unable to be used by anyone unless someone can make it a small version scale.
    • Damage Knocking can be used by anyone provided that they can explain how they learned it properly.