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Landmine Potato



Jirai Jagaimo


Landmine Potato



Capture Level



2m (entire plant)




Landmine Fields (Ashen Blaze Island)

Landmine Potato (地雷ジャガイモ Jirai Jagaimo) is a vegetable found in the Landmine Fields of Ashen Blaze Island.


Landmine Potatoes are bright red potatoes covered by a slimy amber layer and black spots. No part of this plant is above the ground, as the potato itself is embedded 2 meters underground, with its stem growing up and branching into a pressure-sensitive platform right under the surface. If these branches detect any damage or heavy pressure, the explosive substance inside the potato detonates, resulting in an explosion that would turn even an elephant into ash.


In order to capture the potato, one needs to get to it without making contact with any part of its stem. Once there, the stem needs to be cut off at a very specific point indicated by a set of very small ridges, requiring an advanced eyesight.
Once captured, the potato needs to be cooked in order to remove its volatile compounds. This is done by first drying the vegetable at temperature of 44 °C for exactly 44 minutes, which will cause the slimy amber layer to harden, crack and turn into "scales". Then, one needs to submerge it into a mixture of pure water and Bluewater Oilfish Oil in ratio 3:1. There, it is left to absorb some of the liquid and bloat for 2 hours, which will turn the "scales" into soft, meat-like pieces. These need to be carefully removed by preciselly cutting them from the other ones and the potato itself.
After this, the red inside of the potato can be treated as any potato, ready to be fried, cooked, or eaten raw.

As FoodEdit

When prepared, the slimy amber layer absorbs all of the potato's volatile substances and turns them into numerous proteins. This makes it not only edible, but very delicious and full of taste.
The potato also becomes very tasty, with a specific phosphorous aroma gained from the Ashen Blaze Island's clima.